"Perfect. Provides me peace of mind that my data is protected while offering accessibility to anywhere on the web."

"Love Vpn. Super simple to use on my iPad, iPhone and Macs. Especially handy when I'm traveling and using random wi-fi hotspots. Must have."

"Thanks to a VPN, I can finally use my internet without my ISP restricting me to oblivion."

"So far so excellent! All I wanted is watching Australia TV (while not in Aust) and I have got what I wanted!"

"Just like Security Screens for my house, VPN's provide me with peace of mind when I am on the Internet."

"Absolutely brilliant service for gamers. If the game's server is in the same City as one of the server locations provided.

I use it daily for Guild Wars 2 (Texas), Street Fighter 4 and Vindictus (I'm IP blocked from both). I purchased

a year of the service before

the trial even ended."

"Been using it to keep my isp from throttling Netflix. I can watch at max quality all day every day"

Now you've seen what everyone else thinks about Vpn's...

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VPN Australia, Private, Secure Vpn in Australia for all your Devices.

Prevent Data Retention in Australia and protect your privacy whilst online.

Stop throttling of your internet and regain speed whilst online streaming with Netflix and Stan.

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